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About Strategos

ISSN 2459-8917 UDK 32

Strategos publishes original scientific articles, review articles, professional articles and preliminary communications covering a wide interdisciplinary area of military-, defence-, and security-related scientific research. Articles discussing theoretical issues, describing results of empirical research, and/or exploring innovative methodological approaches are all welcome. The journal also publishes other types of contributions, including book reviews, perspectives, comments and replies, symposium pieces, interviews, annotated bibliographies and others.

Strategos publishes exclusively previously unpublished articles. Each contribution undergoes a review process. The review process does not exceed eight weeks.

There is no article processing nor article submission fee.

The scope

One of the main aims of the journal is to encourage scientifically grounded discussion on military-, defence- and security-related issues. The journal publishes articles which include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • national security-related (national and international security- and defence-related issues, trends and their impact on shaping security environment, other topics influencing national security: sustainability, energy security etc.)
  • defence management (organizational management and defence resources management)
  • concept development, aiming at recognizing political, strategic, economic, psychological, social, operational, technological and tactical elements in the function of national security and defence capability development
  • defence planning, with particular emphasis on capability development
  • stimulating innovation and support the development and use of leading technologies
  • military transformation (long-term capability development, leadership, organizational maturity and organizational culture)
  • operational art (including military history insights).

The journal particularly seeks contributions exploring synergy between scientific disciplines whilst tackling the previously mentioned areas.

The journal’s intended audience includes, among others, scientifically-minded military professionals, strategic analysts, security experts, and scientists conducting research relevant for military, defence and security considerations.

Disclaimer All articles and reviews in Strategos journal are unofficial expressions of opinion. The views and opinions expressed belong to the authors and are not necessarily those of Minisrty of Defense of Republic of Croatia, Armed forces of Republic of Croatia, or any other agencies or government instutions of Republic of Croatia.

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