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Strategos Vol VII,No 1,July 2023

  • DRAŽEN SMILJANIĆ: Examining the opportunities and potential of Artificial Intelligence
    in national security and defence…. 13 − 31 (Review scientific paper)
  • DARKO ŠČAVNIČAR: Streamlining the delivery of military education through
    the distance learning method….. 33 − 69 (Original scientific paper)
  • VALENTINA BARTULOVIĆ, ZVONKO TRZUN, MATIJA HOIĆ: Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Support of Artillery Operations…. 71 − 92 (Original scientific paper)
  • MELITA BOLTUŽIĆ: The Role of the “Rudolf Perešin” Training Center in the Military and Defense Segment…. 93 − 104 (Professional paper)
  • MARIO BRKIĆ: Availability of geomagnetic information…. 105 − 112 (Review scientific paper)
  • DRAŽEN SMILJANIĆ: Artificial intelligence – the ends, ways or means of strategic competition??… 113 − 140 (Review scientific paper)