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Suitability for publishing

Strategos will publish any contribution if it falls within the scope of the journal and if it satisfies the necessary criteria for acceptance, as verified by the review process. The final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief, taking into account the advice of the Editorial Board.

The Editor-in-Chief of Strategos makes his/her own independent decisions about publication, has full responsibility for the content, and is ultimately responsible for the quality of all contributions. A rejection based on the outcome of a review process will be backed up by the actual reviews, and a motivation by the Editor-in-Chief.

The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to refuse any article, whether invited or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication, particularly to ensure readability standards of the journal.

Contributions that have already been published, as well as those being considered for publication elsewhere, will not be taken into consideration for publishing in Strategos. If a manuscript contains, either in whole or in substantial part, already published information or a reprint of a previously published work, the author(s) need to acknowledge that fact in a cover letter to the Editorial Board and explain the reasons for such a duplication of text. If the Editorial Board discovers a case of overlapping or dual publication without a previous acknowledgment on the part of the author(s), the Editorial Board will require the author(s) to provide a detailed explanation in written form. If such an explanation is not provided, or if the Editorial Board find it inadequate, the manuscript will be rejected.